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Newly qualified drivers are much more vulnerable than you think. Statistics show that new drivers are more likely to have an accident within their first 2 years of driving than at any other time in their driving career.

This is not just a young drivers problem. Newly qualified drivers have a higher than average risk of having an accident in their first 2 years on the road whatever their age.

Pass Plus is backed by the Government, Driving Standards Agency and insurers.  The aim is to make you a more experienced driver and so less likely to become involved in an accident.  It will help you

  1. gain quality driving experience safely

  2. develop your skills as a driver

  3. develop a positive driving style which is safe and enjoyable

  4. reduce your risk of being involved in an accident

There is no test to take, just a course of at least six hours driving, to cover all situations, - Town centres, country lanes, night driving, all weather conditions, dual carriageways and motorways.

 The fee for the course is only 140.00.  Click this link to find a list of insurers who participate in the pass plus scheme, but more are adding their names every day.


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